There once was a girl…

… she was made of triangles.

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Apple Donuts, Cucumber Boats, and Internalized Ableism

As a Christmas gift, my parents bought a subscription to Chirp magazine for M, and in it was a snack idea: a sailboat made out of a cucumber filled with cream or cottage cheese and some animal and fishy crackers along for the ride. So, a few weeks ago, I decided to tackle recreating this…

“What’s Wrong With Her?”: Thoughts On Talking To Children About Disability

Update: Just in the last few months I have learned much more about talking to children about disability. An update to this blog will be coming soon. In the meantime, you can learn more perspective by watching this @biglittlefeelings Instagram highlight on talking to children about disability. Imagine this… You’re at a park with your…

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a stock photo of people of all genders, ages, races and ethnicities sitting in a circle looking like their engaged in discussion. In the middle of the image are the words "Heart - The Northern Heart Q and A: Taryn Green Talks Ableism"

In this Northern Heart interview, Taryn discusses ableism, how to teach our children about disability, and how we can create more inclusivity in Northern Ontario.

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